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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Jean- Yves Haine

thPOL 380 H March 8 If you want to design a peace cooperation its better to understand what are the motivations what are the reasons for fighting and what are the obstacles to peace Anarchyuse of violence because it is a security dilemma When you have uncertainty and a government collapse and a defensive collapse security dilemma Push intentionnot what happened in Bosnia He wanted war and he wanted conflict Food was distributed for every inhabitant in that city regardless of their ethnicity The logic of securitythe ethnic It was shared by the Serbs a lot One city was in siege because of revenge Other scholars have introduced the misconception factor a group may not have the right information about the strength of the other There is no adequate reading about the balance of forceCRUCIALbecause they still think they can winThat information might be Stop fighting youre not going to win The ethnic dimension of a civil war explains why in some instanc
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