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Beyond Occupy The Impact of Inequality Armine Yalnizyan March 13 2012first started working on inequality file in mid1990s asked to revisit in the 2000sexpected inequality would have diminished given extreme economic growth from late 1990sbut inequality had grown since 70s 80s 90s2000s o it has grown in good timesbadmost provocative defn of democracy by Thomas Jefferson of the people for the peopleInequalitythe New PoliticsOccupy set the frame of the 99 the idea of how great the inequality had becomeIt was a question of waking up not the facts that were the issue the reality that had been turning a blind eye to itTime for our generation to get involved bc economically our needs havent been met for decadesLosing ground in Canadaaftertax incomes of nonelderly o Elderly out of picture bc since 1970s incomes of elderly are the success story of both public policytheir own smart choices o The top 10 have done the best o Not every country has seen growing inequality from mid1980s2000s 15 of the worlds economies saw it w Canada showing most rapid decline in OECD o Also note that chart includes many households w more than 1 earner o This generation of households is better educated than previous o Average fulltime earner only making about 45000 a year same as in 1976so where did thego The rise of the rich o compared to earlier era growth in average income has stayed the same compared to top 1 o 13 of all income gains going to top 1 w massive gains occurring 198797 317when massive job loss so makes sense and 19972008 318during period when economy firing on all cylinders have never seen beforethe rise of the richest 1 doubled their share of income since 1970s
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