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Political Science

POL382 March 21 2012 MEDIADEMOCRACYrole of the media in relation to democracymedia there to sell info for a profitso need to understand how to view mediaMichael Vassey GlobeMail columnistfellow at Massey Hall teaches media hereat Westerndoesnt believe media has obligation to perform any high level function in democracyst 1 function of media think of as mythologizerreveals deep patterns of meaningcoherence of a culture what goes on in our mindsmythology simplifies complex notions as long as a group believes in a myth the group will act as though the myth is true was once part of Canadian mythology that naturalborn peacekeeper which is now no longer the myth ie Canadas role in AfghanistanJames Kerry media theorist gives notion of media as affirming narrative thoughts readers already believe likened daily readingviewing of mass media to attending a Christian mass a ritual view of communication that is not centred on act of imparting info but to imparting beliefso Mediacarry on conversation w the public o Problem that frequently too narrow too many ppl points of view which media dont let into the conversation rd If extrapolate on those 2 notions get 3 purpose to be an instrument of social cohesion Idea that ppl live in community bc of the things they have in common ideas intangibles o To be a nation we have to have a public life in common for which need mediaand 4thly need media bc competition is one of key tenets of capitalist society in order to make choices we need freedom of expression all of which comes through the media
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