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Political Science

thPOL382 April 4 2012Why Democracy Mattersour lives which is important to ppldemocracy makes problems visibleonly visible problems get solvedleadership acts when democracy demandsdemocracy means we take ownership of our problemsbig thing democracy makes us feel like agents of our own livescollective conditions ofbut democracy can lead to impasseonly leadership can break the impassemore democracy have more consultation that is harder it can be to make decisionshave to balance bn democracydecisionsleads to question is democracy as a structural form necessary to solve some of the socialinstitutional problemso Ignatieff would say that Canada cannot fix the problems wo fixing the democracyfederalism doesnt just make it difficult to do stuff together but also to get stuff done separately o in Canada right now fedsprovs dont even meet to discuss very muchReform Agenda 1 Decrease pwr of the PM increase the pwr of parliamentimprove representative democraciesempwr cabinet o bc cabinet members come from all across the countryneed that regional representation at the tablethey impose a check on the PMO pwrempwr Commons Committees o allow Commons Committees to select their own chairsthen give them additional resources to call witnesses to do studies to write reports that are critical of govt policies o right now PM appoints so MPs have more pressure to stay on his good side
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