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Political Science
M Ignatieff

Renewing Canadian Democracy A Reform AgendaApril 4 2012Exam2 essay questions Essay guide posted on campus Whats Wrong With Our DemocracyVoters are turning off 4 in 10 dont voteThe PM has too much powerMore power than in any other parliamentary systemIn australia the PM just had to face a challenge from her caucus This is much less likely to happen in CDA Parliament has too littleWhips have too much control Parliamentary committees cant do their jobs Parties no longer recruit the bestUnelected judges have too much power Substantial branch of criticism from our democracy mostly coming from the Right that judges have too much power Whats Wrong With Our Institutionsfederalism prevents us working togetherAboriginal self government is failingFPTP voting is unfairThe senate isnt electedThe media are trivializing democracy We Have ProblemsAboriginal CDNs are being left behindPollution and climate change are getting worseInequality is getting worseMore unequal country than we were in 1950s and 1960sCan we have a functioning democracy if the top 5 earn so much more than so much canadiansResource revenue gains mask productivity lossesWe are less and less reducing man hour
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