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Political Science

Essay: Which theory is the best? Use counter points/examples why it is stronger than others? -concise synthesis of materials from the readings, needs to by analytic which theory you find most convincing, which approach best explains agrarian change? Need to discuss liberalism and neoliberalism and Marxism, micro social approaches? make sure to use counterarguments to prove your argument is strong -don’t sit on the fence read rostow, chapter 2 & 3 Social analysis -big difference between Marxists wanting communism and Marxists though Marx -general critique of capitalism, believed capitalism was problematic because it exploits the labour of the workers and the gain is in the uppers sphere -concerned about material struggle -workers are objectified by their own labour and become alienated by their own products -workers do all the work but the owners of the means of production who get the profit -if a machine can do it for quicker and cheaper than a person then workers lose their jobs, people then cannot afford the material goods Lenin -comes up with notion of imperialism -says Marx was right but he didn’t go far enough, capitalism isn’t just in countries it’s part of a global system Bernstein article -lays out what Marxist program is, takes uncreative way as putting forward these ideas -what he does do is coming to a notion of a core to the research program, something needs to hold this research program together -defines individuals by labour, social relations define what individuals are -classes relate to each other by a means of production -Marx’s political science or economy is a paradigm through which you can advance more specifically -it’s tough to test the central core of Marx’s ideas -as a paradigm it’s useful and progressive if it can be used to accumulate more knowledge -discusses a series of Marx’s ideas and terms -economic determinism: the idea that history is driven by these relationships that centre around the means of production and who owns the means of production, advance, technological advances -then discusses later Marxist scholars -mode of production that creates superstructure -provides singular account of the march of history from feudalism to capitalism and what that entails, marx shares this with liberalism Political economy of change article -agrarian dimensions of Marxism -the term peasant usually signifies household farming…solidarity, reciprocity -social aspect of being a peasant
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