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Political Science

POL410 Lecture 4 Liberalism has not stayed the same over decades. Neoliberalism there is some sort of shift in the 1970s, this is when the project really changed, shifted away from modernization and overhauled itself. Didn’t take Marxist critiques into to much account, fundamentally restricting of agrarian relations. Markets were global and not ending at borders, what legitimate role of the state is. Has a research core, shifts and responses. Develpomentalism – nation state relationship, de ruralize Liberalism – fend off a socialist revolution, to show them that markets were good and help the people Arguments that argue the death of the soviet union proves that liberalism is the best Bates: Structural adjustment policies -bates fundamental problem, intervention -markets are already there and if just left to do their work will be efficient -government intervention is bad -corruption only happens when there is an incentive for corruption -markets only work when incentive structures are there for people to take part, wrong incentives were there, incentives weren’t there for higher production -anything that is not governed by the price mechanism, supply and demand in the market should be taken away -state aligning with elites and takes money away which is bad -co-ops were looted by the state, co-ops became the place to get money -focus on individual rationality -just in the food and cash crop sector we see so many ways in which bates says that sates are getting in the way of markets -poor got cheap food and subsidies -rich get help in setting up companies -need to foster development, shift resources from rural areas into the cities -evolutionary thought (criticism leaves out power), class analysis and has really extended liberalisms ability to deal with these critics, integrates power, he’s against it but he is saying political interests are getting in the way of the market, doesn’t care if people are following the same path, looking and market equilibrium, state is a key actor but it shouldn’t be -individuals should be the deal and opera
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