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Lecture 1 Notes

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Dan Dolderman

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Lecture 1 Notes
Fundamental Insights
1. Internal representation/construction of the world
oConstructed by our brains as artists (version of the world)
1.Construction process involves a lot of guesswork
We regularly make errors in the construction process and by
understanding this we can improve
2.Subjective representation occurs within the brain
oOnly have access to a limited subset of reality
Due to: Sensitivity of our sensory mechanisms
Our attention capacity is limited
Therefore >> we take shortcuts = heuristics
Relying heavily upon our beliefs makes us biased
oWe experience the world from a few steps away = PERCEPTION
That is what we act on
PERCEPTION = a process of creative story-telling and inference making
oIs highly functional
oProcess of pattern making
Comparing patterns that have been stores and patterns that come up
in fictional reality to decode incoming sensory signals
Therefore >> what the brain has seen is largely what the brain will
EX = an abusive childhood will shape how the brain shapes and
decodes future sensory signals
Carpenter world philosophy
oBased on our motivations, which can alter the information we pa y attention
oEX = your motivated towards your relationship (amazing while together, but
nasty when apart)
oPerception > behavior SO our biases can actually create our own reality
oWe can learn these through biases :
Humility - should be open to other perspectives about the world
Empowerment - our perceptions of reality are constructed and
therefore able to control
Attention - determines what reality we experience and how we experience
oWe can learn to control it to an extraordinary degree
oAffects quality of experience
oEX = Flow States
Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi
Collected information from all over the world of people's peak
Information was very similar; universal
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