Human Development

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Published on 27 Jun 2011
Lecture 9 Human Development
1.Babies in womb are still influenced by many chemicals (teratogens)
2.Moms in stress can also effect the fetus
oCan attribute to lower birth weight and cognitive and physical development
3.Cultural practices (holding vs carrying in stroller) >> crawling
o"Babies" documentary
oSleeping on your stomach makes it easier for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death
Syndrome) and faster for baby to develop "pushing" arms
4.Brain development - dependent on the environment
oEX = studies with children growing up in Romanian orphanages (extreme
Faces did not work properly - most young children can mirror facial
expressions but Romanian children did not
Feral children = Victor who was the "Wild Boy of Aveyron" - able to
learn some language but not the same as a normal 3-year-old
Saturday Mifune - raised by monkey until age 5
Genie (example in textbook)
Not able to walk properly (moved more like a rabbit)
Example of removing all feedback from the environment
Being human is something learned through practice
5.Social psychology shows us that humans are highly social beings
oAttachment is a central part in this
6.Babies are hardwired to form attachments with their caregivers
oAdults respond automatically
Higher pitch voices because babies respond better to it
oFirst social smile around 4-6 weeks
7.Attachment is like an emotional memory >> laying down sense of security and trust
in others
oBuild associative networks = schemas
Social Experiments
8.Harlow's Monkeys - if raised outside from their mothers, they developed normally
oBecame very attached to cloth covering pads
9.Quality of parenting >> infant temperament + quality of environment
10.Ainsworth's Strange Situation:
oResponsiveness = quality characteristic
oLove = foundation
11.Attachment styles in adult relationships:
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