PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Longcase Clock, Psychological Science, Wilhelm Wundt

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4 Feb 2013

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The History of Psychology (Lecture #2, September 15th 2011)
Science has always been contextualized in a larger set of processes.
e.g. Theological/ religious barriers impeded the progress of physiological sciences
1. The direct study of the human body was forbidden.
2. Doctrines regarding human exemptionalism (impossible to learn about
human functioning through animal studies).
Post Enlightment The rise of the supposed rational, self-interested human; deep
divide between cognition and emotion; emphasis on the individual as the unit of
Post Biological Revolution and Neuroscience The remerging of cognition and
emotion; emphasis on interdependence between the individual group
Human Psychology as Mechanistic Processes
Descartes: 1600’s
Descartes was described as an extremely intense, unbalanced, driven personality.
He viewed the human body as a machine controlled by hydraulics (fluids) and
mechanics (levers). As well as the fact that human and animal bodies were highly
complicated machines.
Mind-Body Dualism
It was later found out that the mind cannot be a machine and that the body (brain)
IS the mind.
Therefore, it is to which the discipline of Psychology emerged in order to answer
questions that emerge from dualism.
For as stated by Psychological Science (Gazzinga), “The mind is what the brain
does”. This was said to encompass the true ideology of Psychology.
Mind/body Problem: A fundamental psychological issue that considers whether
mind and body are separate and distinct or whether the mind is simply the
subjective experience of the physical brain.
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