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PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Hasidic Judaism, Gun Violence, Ingroups And Outgroups

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Michael Inzlicht

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WK 3 Lec #2 January 24th, 2013
Ayres and Siegelman, (1995)
Initial quote for a new car by Race and Gender
higher for black men and women
higher for female white vs male white
the diff. between white and black is greater for men than for women
Discrimination when buying a new car
why would salespeople:
ask more money from women?
True colours
Ask yourself
Why does discrimination exist?
Why do stereotypes exist?
Origins of Stereotypes: Cognitive
Categorization - Hassidic Jews: black hats, black suits, beards, ringlet “sideburns”, religious
Why categorize?
Infinite number of stimuli in environment
limited capacity cognitive system
Essential part of learning
Occurs spontaneously and automatically
Categorization & Stereotypes
Stereotypes are traits associated with category
can be useful in making predictions
are based on a “kernel of truth”
are fast&efficient
But they are also over-generalizations; especially when applied to an individual
Categorize world into in-groups & out-groups
In-group: groups to which we belong
Out-group: groups to which we do not belong
this simplifies social world -> us vs. them
categorizing accentuates inter0group differences
tend to think positively of in-group: IG bias
even minimal groups - camp!
Tend to think of out-groups as all the same: OG homogeneity
Origin of Stereotypes: Environmental
Gun violence in Toronto - Creba(W) vs. Chantel Dunn (B)
is the media accurately portraying reality
Or, are they creating stereotypes
Romer Jamieson & deCoteau (1998)
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