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PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Dream Interpretation

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Alison Luby

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Psychology Lecture, Psychological and Biological Treatments
April 2, 2012
Who goes to therapy? Women are more likely than men and Caucasian Americans
are more likely to go than Asians and Hispanic Americans
Everyone benefits from therapy
What makes an effective psychotherapist? Warm, direct, etc.
The choice of therapist tends to be more important than the actual therapy
Insight therapies, psychotherapies with the goal of expanding awareness or insight
Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis was the first form of psychoanalysis
believed that abnormal behavior was caused by unconscious feelings, this the goal
of psychoanalytic therapy was to make the unconscious conscious (clear away guilt
and hurtful emotional nuisances)
Six Primary approaches
Free Association, patients express themselves without censorship
Dream analysis, dreams express unconscious themes that influence conscious
Interpretation, formulate explanations from the free associations and dream
analysis (create hypothesis about the root of the patient’s problems)
Resistance, attempts to avoid confrontation and anxiety associated with
uncovering previously repressed thoughts, emotions and impulses
Transference, projecting intense, unrealistic feeling and expectations from the
past onto the therapist
Working through, confronting and resolving problems, conflicts and ineffective
coping responses in everyday life
Interpersonal Therapy
short tern treatment that strengthens social skills and targets interpersonal
problems, conflicts and life transitions
Many psychoanalytic treatments are not specifically sound
however, research shows that brief treatments are better than none
Humanistic approach
Belief that at the core, everyone is good.
share an emphasis on the development of human potential and the belief that
human nature is good (goal is self-actualization, as a natural process)
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