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Lecture 1

PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Job Interview

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Dan Dolderman

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PSY100 Lecture 1
Extrinsic prizes, levels, points, gold star
Intrinsic passion, purpose, learning, drive
Experimental Participation:
-4 experiments = 4% of grade
Fundamental Insights of Psychology? START OF 1ST LECTURE
There are lessos that a century + of psychology research has taught us, and they can deeply
change the way you understand yourself.
Fundanemtal Insight #1:
-Reality is a story, told to us by our brains. How our consciousness experiences reality.
Our brains are artists, not mirrors:
-Brais do’t reflet realit, the are reatie artists, paitig a piture, The eae together
information to give us our stream of consciousness.
-Our eperiees do ot reflet realit itself, ut rather a ostrutio, or representation of
1) This construction process involves a lot of guesswork fillig i the gaps, ad our rais do
this uosiousl.We uild a realit, ut e do’t ko ho e uilt it.
2) This subjective representation occurs within the brain.
We only have access to a limited subset of reality.
The limitations of our sensory-perceptual system are due to:
-the sensitivity of our sensory mechanisms
-our attentional capacity
Yellow arrows are everything he is being bombared by, red arrows are ones that he can actualy
pick up.
Perception is figuring out a persons best guess of what is going on.
Speed accuracy tradeoff. As speed increases, accuracy decrease.
Humans are fast perceivers. A lot of our actions occur unconsciously.
Perception is a process of creative storytelling and inference making. We have to fill in a lot of
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