1st lecture of the year

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Published on 3 Dec 2010
Email: psy100@psych.utoronto.ca (check website on blackboard first)
Participate in 4 experiments
Fundamental Insights of Psych
1. Reality is a story told to us by our brains (we live in our own reality)
a. Our brains are artists not mirrors
b. Our experiences do not reflect reality itself, but rather a construction, or representation
of reality
i. This construction process is imperfect t involves tons of guesswork, gaps
2. This subjective representation occurs within the brain
a. We only have access to a limited subset of reality
b. tv[uooÁoo}PUÁooPoYUvPÇÁÀ}µv]vP
through the room
c. Perception t creative story-telling, what sounds like a dog may not be a dog
d. Perception t pattern matching / reality patterns make contact with sensory receptors
and ur brain decodes that pattern using past experience (decoding pattern)
e. Kµ]vvu]Z]vPµÁ}v[ZÀZ]PZ}WÁÁv}ÁZ
we want to see
3. Reality is a story told to us by our brains
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