PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Sensory Memory, Social Learning Theory, Three Steps

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23 Oct 2018

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PSY100- Lecture 14- Memory
Multitasking Attention and Memory:
It’s easy to miss out on information when our attention is elsewhere
Attention is selective and limited
This can lead to terrible things in some cases
o The morning of the first day of school (works as a principle)
o A woman had 2 children
o Her daily schedule was thrown off because her husband had a dentist
o She offered to take her one year old daughter to daycare (wasn’t part of her daily
o Goes to work and forgets her baby is in the back seat of the car and the child
died from the heat
Work has been done looking at what happens in our brain when we are navigating using
only our memory
o You don’t get the same activation in the hippocampus if you are just following a
navigation app
Importance of Expectations:
Bottom-up: taking sensory information and bringing it to our brain
Top-down: built in processes
Things can become easy for us to miss when they violate the expectations that we have
The Spotlight of Attention:
Intuitive way to think about attention (visual attention)
Think about where our spotlight of attention is in a scenario
Everything else is failing to capture your attention
Attention is limited
o This is why we are terrible multi-taskers
o Multi-tasking hinders your performance on the task that you are doing
o Focusing attention on a singular task is beneficial
Attention is selective
o Certain things in the environment will grab our attention
o Can be captured by certain stimuli
o We can also choose what to focus our attention on
If we fail to pay attention to something the chances of it being remembered are low
Attention is the necessary first step to memory
Severely hinders performance
The combined version of things is substantially more difficult
We are not as good at it as we think we are
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