PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Unconscious Mind, Iceberg, Nomothetic

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21 Nov 2018

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PSY100- Lecture 22- Personality
Ways to Assess/Measure Personality:
Idiographic Approaches:
o Focus on individual lives
o To asses personality the person has to go through their narrative/life story
o Humanistic perspective
o Looking at unique life experiences
o Not trying to put the person into a box
Nomothetic Approaches:
o Using the labels
o Trait perspectives
o Same labels but people are unique in where they sit within these labels
o Objective approach
Self reports (fill out the measure themselves)
Informant ratings (you fill out the measure along with someone who
knows you)
o Projective measures
Not explicitly asking someone to tell us something about their personality
Giving them some sort of assessment so their personality is going to be
projected onto an ambiguous stimulus
The characteristic thoughts, emotional responses, and behaviours that are relatively
stable in an individual over time and across circumstances (PowerPoint, Slide #3)
Something that we assume is going to be relatively consistent
There do tend to be personality changes across the lifespan
We assume that a personality traits can lead to conclusions about behaviour and
reactions in certain circumstances
Freud’s Psychodynamic Theory:
Focus on personality as being an unconscious force
Very difficult to scientifically test
o Don’t lend themselves to specific hypotheses that can be tested
One of the only theories that existed at the time
Conscious mind is the “tip of the iceberg”
Preconscious mind:
o Not currently accessible
o Things that could be pulled into awareness
Unconscious mind:
o Inaccessible
o Motivations and internal drives
o Exist right from birth
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