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Lecture 13

PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Long-Term Memory, Sensory Memory, Visual Search

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Ashley Waggoner Denton

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PSY100H1S: Intro to Psych
Fri March 1 2019
easy to miss even obvious things when they violate expectations
spotlight of attention
limited, selective
first step towards remembering something
parallel vs serial processing
e.g. visual search tasks
searching for one feature is fast and automatic (parallel processing)
target pops out at you
searching for 2 or more features is slow and effortful (serial processing)
must attend to each target individually)
first 2 phases of social learning
attention & retention
models of memory:
information processing model:
encoding phase: information is acquired and processed into neural
code brain can use
storage: retention of encoded information (for a moment or lifetime)
retrieval: recalling or remembering stored info when we need it
memory = reconstruction, =/= recording
multi store model of memory:
sensory + attention > short term memory
short term memory +transfer > long term memory
long term memory + retrieval > short term memory
storm term memory + rehearsal > short term memory
sensory memory: sensory info that only lasts for an extremely brief (<1s) time, not
even consciously aware of it
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