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13 Dec 2010
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PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
PSY100H1 Full Course Notes
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What we see is what is there but a whole bunch is created by us. Based on some fact and a lot of interpretation (guessing, imagination). We should have a good understanding that they are inherently flawed. Sensation is the stimulation of sense organs. Perception: selection (we choose to remember, to ignore, to never see, etc. ), organization (what we say is the most important, etc. ), and interpretation (making some type of personal interpretation and they"re based on genetics but they are instantaneously judged in that situation. Sensory receptors: tuned to a particular form of energy. Require a minimum amount of energy for activation (=absolute threshold). Ability to see a candle in a dark, clear night. We can taste a tea spoon of sugar in a water. We"re able to feel rain drops on our face. Some people can smell, taste, hear, etc. better than others. The minimum energy to be detected 50% of the time.