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LEC 2-Characteristics of Good Psychological Research

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Michael Inzlicht

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Characteristics of Good Psychological Research
A Theoretical Framework
-systematic way of organizing and explaining observations
-hypothesis that flows from the theory or from an important question
A Standardized Procedure
-procedure that is the same for all subjects except where variation is introduced to test
-sample that is representative of the population
-procedure that is sensible and relevant to circumstances outside the laboratory
Objective Measurement
-measures that are reliable (that produce consistent results)
-measures that are valid (that assess the dimensions they purport [claim] to assess)
Psychological Research
-naturalistic observation
-case study
-research conducted in the field of personality
-Case Study
-repeated in-dept examination of one person using interviews, observation and personality
assessment measures
-advantage: gives us rich detail and a deep understanding of a particular individual
-disadvantage: limited generalizability
-can·t determine causality, bias
-ie. Jane; 20 yr old female began individual treatment for AN, developed obsessive
compulsive sx. Illustrates overlap between two disorders. AN & OCD, contamination by
´greaseµ vs. typical ´germsµ
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