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LEC 7-Memory

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Michael Inzlicht

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z Memory is the process by which we observe, store and recall information
May be visual, auditory or tactile
z Memory processes may involve multiple systems
Mental Processing
z Mental representations is a mental model of a stimulus or category of stimuli
Sensory Representations
Image of a dog
Sound of a gunshot
Verbal Representations
Involve neural activation different from that of sensory representation
Motoric Representations
Memories of motor actions (ie, swinging a tennis racket)
Standard Memory Model
z 7KLVPHWDSKRUYLHZVWKDW´the mind as a computerµ
z Model assumes that memory consists of three stores
Sensory registers
Iconic (visual)
Echoic (auditory)
Short-term memory (STM)
Long-term memory (LTM)
The Information Processing Model of Memory
Characteristics of STM
z STM is a variant of memory that is of limited duration
Information in STM fades after 20-30 seconds (without rehearsal)
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z STM has limited capacity storage
STM capacity is about 7 items of information
Capacity is constant across cultures
z STM involves rehearsal
Maintenance: information is repeated
Elaborative: information is related to other knowledge
Characteristics of LTM
z LTM refers to the representations of facts, images, actions and skills that may persist over a lifetime
z LTM involves retrieval of information
z LTM is theoretically limitless in capacity
z The serial position curve supports the existence of STM versus LTM
Primacy effect reflects LTM
Recency effect reflects STM
Working Memory
z Working Memory is a temporary storage and processing of information use to solve problems, respond to
environmental demands, and achieve goals
z May consist of three modules
Visual memory store
Verbal memory store
Central executive
z Visual memory store
Recalled from
Recalled from
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