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Topic 6- Attention, Memory, Thinking & Intelligence
Top-down & bottom-up processes
o Top-down- pre existing pattern within the brain- memory
You are interpriate
Second time
o Bottom-up- world informing your brain
First time listening
o Perceive the world must use combination of the two methods!
o Depression- spending a lot of time thinking about it eventually get
very depressed top-down processing
o Top- down processing leads to stress, stereotypes
o We can not function without them, wither they make error or not.
Only thing we can do is get aware of it so we can understand it.
o Persuation- essential way of manipulating people using the top-down
o Everything in the brain is the same, but these psy process are also all
similar in many ways, because fundamentally each is a set of neural
processes organized interconnected networks of neurons that have
fired together many times in the past
o Recruiting the system
o Interwinding
o Using your memory more effectively is effectively what you do when
you learn
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