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Lecture 1 (Introduction to Psychology)

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Michael Inzlicht

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PSY100 Lecture 1 Notes January 10, 2011
Introduction to Psychology
Psyche = soul
Logos = to study
If a theory is not testable, then its not a science
i.e. Freud = not science
How was the material derived?
William Wundt combined philosophy (Who am I?, Why am I
here?”) and physiology in the 1870s
Study the human mind
Why was there a need for clinical psychology?
Soldiers back from the war had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and needed to be treated
More soldiers die of suicide than in combat
Experimental psychology is mainly research and conducting experiments
Psychologists are not allowed to prescribe medication (except in some States)
Gold Star Therapy = Talk Therapy (cognitive/behavioural)
Why is it not the best treatment?
25% to 30% of people with schizophrenia dont respond to medication
Sum of human existence: solving problems (e.g. What should I eat? Should I get out
of bed?)
We need to base psychology on observable behaviour
Humans = Mammals/animals (pigeons learn the same way)
Emotion trumps rationality
Major Perspectives:
1.Biological: parts of the brain thats functioning
2.Psychoanalytic: Freudian theories
3.Behavioural: casinos make the majority of their money from slot machines (highly
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