Lecture 1 (Introduction to Psychology)

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23 Feb 2011
PSY100 Lecture 1 Notes January 10, 2011
Introduction to Psychology
Psyche = β€œsoul”
Logos = β€œto study”
If a theory is not testable, then it’s not a science
i.e. Freud = not science
How was the material derived?
William Wundt combined philosophy (β€œWho am I?”, β€œWhy am I
here?”) and physiology in the 1870s
Study the human mind
Why was there a need for clinical psychology?
Soldiers back from the war had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
and needed to be treated
More soldiers die of suicide than in combat
Experimental psychology is mainly research and conducting experiments
Psychologists are not allowed to prescribe medication (except in some States)
Gold Star Therapy = Talk Therapy (cognitive/behavioural)
Why is it not the best treatment?
25% to 30% of people with schizophrenia don’t respond to medication
Sum of human existence: solving problems (e.g. What should I eat? Should I get out
of bed?)
We need to base psychology on observable behaviour
Humans = Mammals/animals (pigeons learn the same way)
Emotion trumps rationality
Major Perspectives:
1.Biological: parts of the brain that’s functioning
2.Psychoanalytic: Freudian theories
3.Behavioural: casinos make the majority of their money from slot machines (highly
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