PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Pattern Matching

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PSY 100 - Lecture 2 - Fundamental Insights To Post
Fundamental Insights #1: “Reality is a story, told to us by our brains.”
1. Perception: a process of creative story-telling and inference making
Highly functional for most of the time
Allows brain to function efficiently with little cost of accuracy
Pattern matching
Brains look for a correspondence between pattern that is stored
through experience, and the patterns of sensory stimuli it is currently
Brain use pre-existing pattern to interpret incoming signals. So if the
brain cannot decode it either guesses about it, ignore it or just sees
what it wants to see
Brain sees in the past is what it sees in the present
Processing information occurs implicitly and sub-representationally (out of our
2. Implications:
We may make errors during the construction process
Hence, we can greatly improve our experience
We live in a constructed world
Fundamental Insights #2: Attention!
1. The importance of attention:
Determines the reality we experience
Determines how we are affected by the circumstances of our lives e.g. how
well we perform on tasks, how we react to things
2. What we pay attention to can affect what we perceive
Divided attention: paying attention to more than one stimulus at the same
Selective attention: focusing on one particular event or task, such as focused
studying, driving without distraction, or attentively listening to music
Pay more attention to the environment so that we can accurately
sense and perceive the information it provide
However, sometimes, when this focus is so powerful we fail to
perceive some very obvious things (inattentional blindness: a failure to
notice clearly visible events or objects because attention is directed
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