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18 Apr 2012
Lecture 2
History of psychology and measurement
Science has been contexualized in a larger set of societal/ historical and political
Cadavers being forbidden by culture made advancement hard
Post enlightenmentrise of rational, self interested human, divide between
cognition and emotion.
Post biological revolution & neuroscienceinterdepence on cognition and emotion.
*evolition of psychology follows evolution of thought
human psychology as mechanistic process: Descartes labored in obscurity. Body as
a machine. Lead to idea of body as complex machine. Mind was nonphysical and
thus nonmeachistic, which could communicate to body.
-Helmhotlz showed that time and other objective measurements could be used.
- Wilhelm wundt said subjective and objective idea of reality must be same.
Develops clock that has pendulum hits bell on way down. He finds that he hears the
bell before the pendulum strikes it. 1/10th of a second is taken to switch perception
modes from seeing to hearing. Mental processes can be studied scientifically!
Darwin- cross disciplinary work.
20th century- CNS
now on cusp of leap into systems.
Collaboration on book, all smart accomplished people. About happiness etc.
someone says that they found a study on how to strengthen families. 10 years of
research, very credible, and it showed that eating together makes happy families.
This makes a nice message that everyone will love. Mr. Dolderman doesn’t buy this!
This study was privately published, so it was never critically reviewed! Study was
done at national center of disease addiction at Columbia. Board of director had big
important on it. Article said that they did survey is that factors that have casual
influence on drug use. 1000 teenagers, big sample. The tragedy of substance abuse
could strike any family.one factor that reduced drug use is parental engagement,
and best way of parental engagement is through eating dinner together. WOW.
Older teens are less dinner occurs. This decline affects increase in substance abuse.
Anything wrong? There is a direction assumption, maybe wrong causation. Messed
up families could drive kids out and now there out they may do drugs more. Forcing
dinner together may cause them into conflict and abusive environment. Maybe kids
who eat dinner at home do so because family is good, and because family is good
and they do drugs less.
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