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Michael Inzlicht

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-Early 1900s resistance to dominant paradigms in psytch
- Introspection and Freudian psychoanalysis
-Psych try scientific experiemental
-Focus on observable aspects of human exp -> focus on behavior
Ivan Pavolv
-Nobel prize winning physiologist, famous for work on digestive system
-Studying salivary response of dogs when noticed they began salivating before presented
with food
-Led to realization that could study how animals learned about their environment, observe
process of learning……
- Invented classical conditioning
-Stimulus that animal will naturally respond to (eg meat powder) = US
-Response (salivating = UR
-New neutral stimiuls paired with US (bell) = CS
-Response (salivating, not quite as powerful usually) = CR
DL&print notes…
Higher order conditioning
-Neutral stimulus can become conditioned stiumuls by being paired with established CS
-May explain why some words trigger emotional responses, inflame anger, evoke
-Eg trailer trash, loser, DP, hick, sterotypes
-Leafs fan positive association
-Home cash win lust mom
Learning to like
Sentimental feelings from objects assoc with positive feelings in past
Classical conditioning in real life
-Conditioning big role in emotional responses
-Eg. YAWN.
-Attractive people; positive feelings paired with product (ad)
-Doesnt have to make sense , hit different assoc
Pavlov’s Legacy
John B. Watson
-Pavlov influenced American psychologist,
-1901 studied white ratsEUREKA understand rat without need for introspection
-Mentions ephiphany to James Angell (functionalist) who tells him off
-1908 behaviorism talk at Yale but booed, begins oublishing perspective on behaviorism
through psych review (Psychologist as Behaviorist Views it)
-Purely objective natural science, prediction and control of behavior theoretical goal,
introspection forms no essential part of its methods
-No dividing line between man and brute
-Objective, prediction and control, animal research
- Influenced by Pavlov and other Russian
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