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PSY100 - Effects of Early Episodic Memory

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Michael Inzlicht

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Effects of Early Episodic Memory on Impairment
is intact episodic memory necessary for normal devleopment of ToM
long term declarative memory
oEpisodic memory (contextual memory for episodes, rich in detail, specific to
time and place,) ex last bday, wearing, cake
oSemantic memory - facts (ex remember who teacher is without remembering
Hippocampus: damage to it known to result in declarative memory impairment, with
episodic memory being preferentially lost
Theory of Mind: ability to formulate hypothesis about contents of other peoples
minds (ex false belief test)
oNeuroimaging studies show high degree of overlap in brain activation for
episodic memory and ToM
oFrom developmental lit: episodic memory and ToM capabilities emerge at
approximately same time during development
Previous results: Rosenbaum Stuss, Levine and Tulving
oTwo amnesic patient, non-developmental with hippocampal lesions performed
at par with age-matched controls on battery of ToM tests
oIntact episodic memory not necessary for normal ToM performance but both
patients developed normal ToM prior to injury
Investigate ToM capabilities of patiend who acquired hippocampal damage, and
consequent episodic memory impairment at very young age before ToM had chance
to develop (rare)
If intact episodic memory necessary for development of ToM, then patiend who nevr
developmed normal episodic as consequence of early hippocampal damage will
perform poorly on standard tests of ToM
oCase Study:
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