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PSY100 - Persuasion

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Michael Inzlicht

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Constantly influenced by info env surrounding us, constantly being persuaded, influences,
manipulated, sometimes unconsciously
Much of the times we think heuristically; Langers photocopier study (not paying much
attention valid reason. Heuristics hijacked)
Subliminal perception: myth: flashed words Drink Coke and Hungry? Eat popcorn onto
movie screen; Sales of coke and popcorn went up but admitted he lied -_-
oDuring the McCarthy Era when US apparently under threat by devious enemies,
CIA studies, debate in US house, widespread concern that agencies can manipulate
Unconscious leviathan (ICEBERG conscious, preconscious (superego, ego), unconscious
(id), tip of iceberg is the conscious
oFear: could people tap into unconscious desires and influence behavior
If sex sells, subliminal seduction, media sexploitation, hidden sexual img to make them
like more? (pepsi challenge; stack them, sex”), zoodles (animal noodles)
Corruption of youth: evidence of hidden msgs in Disney films (ie lion king, Aladdin)
Teens attempt suicide, parents claim caused by backwards msg of Judas Priest album,
triggering phase: do it
Vokey and Read: studied participants ability to comprehend messages played backwards
oAlmost all accurate on judging sex of speaker, most accuracy if same or not, not as
well judging language but simple judgements not comprehension
oComprehension study: nursery rhymes, Christian, Satanic, pornographic, ad
oAccuracy: 19.4% (chance: 20%)
oWould they hear what they were told to hear? Stimuli, potential phrases identified,
mort said they heard the phrase
Backwards messages
No evidence subliminal msgs in films or ads alter behavior, seeing what you want to see
Elaborate likelihood model of persuasion
oCentral (rational, effort, processing content of msg) vs peripheral route (heuristic) to
oDepends on amount of motivation and opportunity (attention paid to critically
processing info)
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