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PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Body Hair, Microbiology

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Alison Smith

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Lecture 4 | November 17, 2008
Current Events
- In Alberta surgeons are not always following guidelines to maintain infection control
- According to this study is not only in Alberta
- Hip replacement, cataracts surgery,
- Stress of infection we shouldn’t have to worry about
- Policies, legislation, protocols all to ensure safety from infections
- Have to do a better job
- Dr. Andrew Seymour head of Microbiology in Toronto Sunnybrook hospital, according to results
in study of Alberta surgeons are not following guidelines that were established to reduce the
risk of infection
- Orders are not given to antibiotic use, after surgery antibiotic prescription is important not only
dosage but also timing
- Surgeons that are not complying to protocols that other issues are involved
- Side effects: C-deficil
- Eg. Body hair being removed with clippers, often times doing it quicker with razors and often
leaving gashes which are prone to infection
- C. difficile problem in hospitals
- Sympathetic activation physiologically: dilation of pupils, blood flow , happens with SNS is
- Related to fight/flight reaction
- Our body will adapt to external environment
- Increased BP and HR will not have a huge impact if is short-term and therefore can deal with this
- If exposed to stress on an ongoing basis, increased respiration rate, HR, BP is not ultimately
good for our bodies, as secretion of adrenaline, is there momentarily to help us, but if is there
for a long time , stress will affect us and our bodies will start reacting physiologically and
psychologically to this stress
- Enormous stress you get a flu virus, get ill, have symptoms and need to sleep; body is
responding you need rest, repair
- Difficulty sleeping when you are prone to stress, no energy to deal with stress and tan becomes
a vicious cycle
- Projective art who we are is projected in our art
- House tree person
- Dr. Shulz and wolf something look up *****
- Its not what the stress is its how we adapt/ cope to deal with it
People important
- Pharmacist
- Physician
- Speech pathologist (aphasia, CVA)
- Nurse
- Homecare
- nutrition, exercise, environmental competency all important to health