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PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Ibm Officevision, Mortality Rate, Etiology

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HLTB01 Lec 1
Ataxia inability to balance
-vous in French for respect of elderly
-humour good form of medication with ppl in pain
-new theory of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Italy vascular disease
blockages in veins and necks b/c of block in azygos vein; it reflexes back
in the brain cause of deposits
*Azygos vein -located along the right side of the thoracic vertebral
column, carries deoxygenated blood from areas of the chest and
abdomen to the heart
-treatment: Liberation Therapy (-form of angioplasty)
-a theory is an assumption guess at best
-don’t have national homecare for elderly
on avg ppl receive 1-3 hrs of homecare/week
-who will look after elderly?
-approve/disprove Euthanasia physician assisted suicide
we think in diff way if we are well diff if we are presented w/ challenge
physicians deciding our own fate?
-healthcare is health-business there is a finite budget
Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
Europe issues in health care
Canada we have to do something about it
-longer wait times and shortage of physicians
-increase in aging is a problem; social services cut and tax increase and more private
health care to offset public health care cost
-growth of public health spending must be reduced; current rate is 8%
-the cost to treat ppl w/ diabetes is $5 billion/year
-ad campaigns how to eat/exercise properly
declining cost w/ spending on diabetes; present thru lifestyle change
-mental illness also costs
associated with more loss in work than any other chronic condition
costs $51 billion annually
-Opthamologist no licensed for surgery????
-1 in 5 who bill 1 million or more bill for Opthamologist
-cataracts for older ppl
-macular degeneration
Investment Nursing education
-issues of dementia 13% of population this year became older for cases of
-Alzheimer’s Society rising tide: impact of dementia on Cdn society
Dementia occurs every 5 min; in the future, every 2 min
-providing prevention healthy debts, physical activity, increasing
funding to learn more
-Ad campaigns scare us of aging no wrinkles
try to scare and sell creams
-all of us think to look 40 when 50
-but if we are 20 you don’t want to look 10
-conditioned to fear process of aging
-follow trends in Hollywood we buy into what we are told
What is wisdom?
-knowledge come but wisdom lingers
-Aging of population and they will scared even more
aging process is plastic
many debate when late life begins
A&G: Chapters 1 +12
-Psychosocial Gerontologists
look at aspects of aging (health psychology)
-Butler & Greenhouse offer distinction b/w aging and disease (not associated with
process of diseases)
-holistic approach of environment
Biomedical model: used by physicians; biology changes w/ old change abnormal
-treat problems
-health care of province sol
-doesn’t look at decrease in environment + hearing + mobility as normal
-try to reduce it
-how we frame aging
Theories of Aging
Biogerontology biology and old age
Gerontology disease of elderly
Geriatrics unknown issues of success to aging; theres a lot to learn
When does late life begin?
-when late life beings 65 is when old age begins
-well-being absence of illness and disease; but in reality there is no real meaning
Age - # of yrs alive
Cohort group of ppl that share birth year/historical events
Period time in which measurement was taken
Age Effect phenomenon that occurs irrespective of age/cohort
Life span absolutely a time individual will live
Life expectancy
Age-specific life expectancy
Epidemiology statistical distribution of events and studies of disease in
HEALTH state of complete wellness both mentally and physically
Mortality death rates
Morbidity illness rates
Morbidity rate
Mortality rate
Incidence Rate
Acute illness
Chronic illness
Functional health
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
-physical needs oxygen, food, water
-acute health providing care for problems which short and respond to treatment
arthritis is chronic
-chronic care hospitals/acute care hospitals
ie. sunny brook, mount Sinai, st michaels
Models of Optimal Aging
-Etiology Cause of illness