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PSY100H1 Lecture Notes - Ego Psychology, Catastrophe Theory, Geriatrics

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Alison Smith

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HLTB01 Lec 4
Theories of Aging and Demographics of Aging
-On Oct 4/2010, Robert Edwards a British scientist was credited for in vitro
fertilization (IVF) he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine
-winners of the Nobel Prize receive 1.5 million USD, a degree, gold medal
-Robert Edwards is an 85 yr old professor at the university of Cambridge in England
and started working on IVF in the 1950s
-he developed IVF by removing eggs from woman, fertilizing them outside the body
and then implanting them into the womb
-in 1978, Louise Brown became the first baby born through this procedure in Britain
Edwards was working as physiologist in the 1990s before
-he started his research by experimenting on rabbits.
-IVF stirred up a lively ethical debate
-currently facing opposition from the Vatican and governments
-also a lot of skepticism from colleagues
-Fertility rates decline when a woman is in her 30s
-Difficult to conceive passed that age
-in Quebec, the provincial government paid for 3 IVF treatments
-there is talk that Ontario should do the same thing and should recover costs of this
procedure for 3 treatments for women under the age of 42
-however, Ontario does not cover the costs.
-IVF costs $10,000/treatment.
the question now is, is IVF medically necessary?
-despite the doctor shortage in Canada, the Cdn govt is unwilling to accept foreign
trained doctors
-according to latest research, there is a growing number of Cdn born students who
are getting their medical degrees overseas and failing to be certified back in Canada
-when trying to receive certification, there is a 58% passing rate for med grads who
have studied overseas compared to 97% passing rate for Canadian/US med grads.
-Pediatricians are recommending a new vaccine for babies
-Baby’s are infected with Rotavirus leading cause of gastroenteritis
-causes inflammation of stomach and intestines leads to diaherra
-Extremely contagious and cause shock in babies
-Infants less than 2 are at most risk
-So in the future, baby’s will be receiving an additional vaccine for Rotavirus
--We don’t play b/c we’re old, we’re old b/c we don’t play
-things we need to do for long life: need to dream, willingness to achieve/succeed

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Theories of Aging
-based on what we believe and what we think
-no difference b/w someone using glasses and using a wheelchair but society has
labeled ppl using a wheelchair as disable b/c there are more ppl using glasses than
wheelchairs so its sort of like a norm
What is a theory?
-something that started w/ a hypothesis
-not a fact
ie: MS was believed to be auto-immune but this is not the case
-aging brings about different challenges
-changes in demographics
-many question which demographic is going to fill the void left by the baby boomers
-theres going to be a huge demand for doctors and other health care practitioners
-gerontology is a booming field
-who will care for the growing elderly population?
-who will pay for their care?
-there are costs associated with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
-tarenflurbil supposed to help w/ treating Alzheimer’s Disease, but research
shows it doesn’t help
-in US, costs for treating patients with Alzheimer’s is $130 billion/yr
-treatment for Alzheimer’s was first prescribed in 1946
-in Alzheimer’s plaques form in the extracellular components of the brain and
tangles (common hallmark) in neurons; cause is still unknown
-only 6% of cnds 65+ live in nursing homes
-most of ppl in this group will have Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia
-there are reports on nursing homes regarding their accountability
*ARTICLE: Dr Jane Aronson (2003) published a research paper on nursing homes
-many ppl are receiving homecare services in their own home now
-but these ppl reported this as a daunting process having a stranger (homecare
provider) coming into their home and telling them what to do
-they are often embarrassed
-Gerontology provides us with facts and knowledge about growing old.
THEORIES OF AGING: Biological and Psychosocial Theories
-models and theories are often times not carefully distinguished from one
another in the literature and create this ongoing problem
Aging is defined as the: progressive loses of biological function accompanied
by decreasing fertility and increasing mortality with advancing age
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