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Lecture 1

PSY220H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Analysis Of Variance, List Of Fables Characters, Group Dynamics

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Jason Plaks

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PSY220 Lecture 1 Introduction to Social Psychology Jan. 9, 2017
What is Social Psychology?
Gordon Allport- uses scientific methods “ to understand and explain how the
thought, feeling and behavior of individuals are influenced by the actual imagined,
or implied presence of other human beings.”
Affect: emotions, feelings, mood
- how it is affected by the presence of people
Behavior: verbal and non-verbal action
Cognition: thought, sensation, perception, processing, and memory
Humans are particularly social animals
- we learn from each other (imitation)
- our brains are developed to be social, larger neo cortex ratio than other
ohigher social cognitive functions, language, empathy, emotion
- lived in large social groups (key evolutionary adaption)
Study: method- had 2.5 year old children, chimpanzee, orangutans complete
physical task- figure out how to get an object using tools
Social task- figure out how to get object by watching a model
Result: physical task: human and primates performed almost the same
Social task: child outperformed primates, humans good at social
- support for the cultural intelligence hypothesis
- humans evolved some specialized social-cognitive skills
Social thinking: how we think about one another
Social influence: how we influence one another
Social Relations: How we get along with one another
Topics covered in course
the self
social interaction and person perception
attitudes and persuasion
aggression and prosocial behavior
group processes
intergroup relations
attraction and interpersonal relations
culture and social hierarchy
Evaluation Criteria, Research process project information, Instructor and TA info on
syllabus and lecture slides
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