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Lecture 1

PSY230H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Phlegm, Personality PsychologyPremium

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Amanda Sharples

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Lecture 1: personality.
1. Personality is the consistent behavior patterns and intrapersonal processes
originating within the individual.
Influential factors
- genetic vs. environmental
- Conscious vs. unconscious determinants
A person might still be conscious under the condition of anesthesia.
An psychological study found that food associated cues can be used to
override health conditions.
- Free will vs. determinism
(lecture slides)
2. Topics that will be addressed in the course
Psychoanalytic Theory
The Trait approach
Biological and Evolutionary Approaches
The Humanistic Approach and Positive Psychology
The Behavioural Approach
The Cognitive Approach
Personality and culture
3. History of personality psychology
Hippocrates/ Galen: Four humors (ancient fundamental personality types)
o They believed that each of the 4 humors was a result of an excess of
one of the 4 bodily fluids. The excess amount of fluids determined a
person’s character.
- Choleric yellow bile
- Melancholic black bile
- Sanguine blood
- Phlegmatic phlegm
Plato: 4 groupings, rationalist and idealist
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