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PSY230H1 Lecture Notes - Neurosis, Reaction Formation

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Maja Djikic

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Lecture 1
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Slide 40
Conscious is what you’re thinking, preconscious is
something you can bring up (example: your phone
number) and unconscious you can’t go into it and
search you need other methods.
Freud said you push painful stuff into the unconscious
and they try to push up and is neurosis.
Slide 44
Id is what you want (pizza), superego is what is good
for you (salad) and ego is a compromise (pizza and
Slide 45
Self-deception: lying to yourself the things you can’t
handle to face.
Slide 47
Reaction formation: if you love something why would
you insist it?
Slide 48
Displacement: having an emotional reaction but not to
the person who caused it (example: getting upset with
boss by not being able to yell at him/her so you take
it out by yelling at your partner and maybe he takes
it out by yelling at the baby).
Slide 49
Projection: (example: you want to be mean but it’s
difficult for you so when someone is mean to you, you
get angry at them for being mean).
Repression is part of all of the defense mechanisms.
Slide 71
Therapy: blank screen where patient projects.
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