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15 Mar 2012
Lec 5--- midterm
Lec 6
Anxiety disorder
Can be sth. very transienteg afraid of spider only when encounter spider
Can be present day long-most time see threats in many different aspects in their life
The relationships among anxiety, fear and panic attack
Negative affect
Somatic symptoms of tensiontense on edge
Future-oriented: we usually anxious when we think sth that not work out
Feelings that one can not predict or control upcoming events
Negative affect
Strong sympathetic response and urge to escape
Negative system arousal
Immediate alarm reaction
Characterized by strong
Escapist tendencies in response to present danger or life-threatening emergencies
Sometimes fear can be so strong and become panic attack (overlaps with fear)
fear occurring at an inappropriate time (sitting in the theater and all of sudden have
a emotion)
Anxiety disorders: using psy approach to treat. Even you not actually behave it
25 different anxiety problems
agoraphobia-fearful going to the certain context. Fear of the market place. People
fear to go public place like mall
panic disorder with/without agoraphobia-usually develop 2rd agoraphobia
specific phobia-fear of animal or insects, weather condition, afraid of environment
social phobia-social anxiety disorder, doing sth humiliating in front of other people,
fear of being judged or evaluated by other people.
obsessive-compulsive disordergetting unwanted harming(intrusion), if you feel
you are going to be sick for touching the door hand, you are going to wash your
hand repetitively
posttraumatic stress disorder- unwanted intrusions about trauma, usually
hyperactivation of nervous system
acute stress disorderdevelop symptoms within 4 weeks following dramatically
generalized anxiety disorder-excessive fear and worry-does not feel like they can
control it-physically intense, can not relax
the costs of anxiety
highest lifetime prevalence
14.6% lifetime prevalence1/5 adult likely to experience
26.9 million in US
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4.38 million in Canada
in 1990, 46.6 billion dollars
1/3 of expenditures for mental health
signs and symptoms: 3 systems
cognitive symptoms: what is the fear content? what is this person’s particular fear.
Eg worrying going bankrupt but with a lot of money in fact-generalized anxiety
physical symptoms-tends out to be very similar. Uncomfortable, tense not relax,
irritable, impatient
avoidant symptomsbehavioral usually escape. If panic attack in the mall, might
not going. Sometimes trying to get information from internet to feel better
(excessive reassurance).
Duration is typically longer, leaving some degree of stress impairement. There is no
so called normal or abnormal anxiety but only difference in intensity and the stress
they creating and amount of interference in their life.
Focus on panic disorder in lec
Panic attack is really common
A discrete period of intense fear or discomfort, in which four (or more) of the
following symptoms developed abruptly and reached a peak within 10 min. 4
symptoms occurring intensely.
At least 1 month
If you are going to get panic for exam. This is not panic attack.
Has to be very concern and worries of panic attack
Maybe the person change their behavior
Had to lead significant amount of impairment
Even you have panic, does not mean it is a panic attack
Sympathetic response for panic attack: normal fight or flight, none symptoms are
dangerous. People going through them do not know they are not medical condition
Pounding heart or palpitations
Shortness of breath
Feeling of choking
Chest pain-chest tight
Nausea or diarrhea
Feeling dizzy
Depersonalization (being detached from oneself)-don’t feel like they r in
their own body
Fear of going crazy
Fear of dying
Chills or hot flashes
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