PSY240H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Binge Eating Disorder, Binge Eating, Childhood Obesity

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PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
PSY240H1 Full Course Notes
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Psy240 lecture 6 june 6: eating disorders (chapter 15) Binge eating disorder: binge eating is a disorder, but obesity is not. Binge-eating disorder: another eating disorder that resembles bulimia nervosa in many ways, except that the person with binge-eating disorder does not regularly engage in purging, fasting, or excessive exercise to compensate for his or her binges. Not usually: not recognized in dsm at present because the basis for the diagnosis has yet to be sufficiently. Dsm-iv-tr binge-eating disorder: eating, in a limited amount of time, an amount of food that is considerably larger than most. While they don"t purge, they might use other comp. behaviours like exercise. Binge eating disorder: characteristics: prevalence rates: 1-3, often significantly overweight, history of frequent dieting, members of weight control programs, more common in women. 2-3 binges per week for past 8 months. Biological theories of binge eating disorders: dysregulation or disruption of the hypothalamus.