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PSY260H1 Lecture Notes - Primary Motor Cortex, Coronal Plane, Frontal Lobe

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Daniela Palombo

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Sept 10; Intro to learning neuroanatomy
- The man with the 30sec memory video YouTube
Learning and Plasticity
- Learning: the process by which a change in behaviour results from experience
- Plasticity: the capacity of the brain to change itself as a result of learning.
o Early in life: immature brain is organizing
o Throughout life: whenever we learn something new
o Following brain injury: to compensate for a loss of function
o Examples:
Brain volume in areas important for music is greater in musicians than in non-musicians
Taxi drivers have a larger hippocampus than bus drivers
Brief introduction to Neuroanatomy
- Neuroscientists believe the brain is the seat of learning and memory; Lateral: outside. Medial: inside
- Orientation
The Brain-Orientation
- Coronal plane
- Horizontal plane
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