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Lecture 3

PSY270H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Speech Shadowing, Change Blindness, Sensory Memory

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Christine Burton

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Lecture 3: Attention
Learning Objectives:
Describe the 3 dimensions used to define attention
- Exogenous VS. Endogenous
o Exogenous is when our attention is being directed by something in our environment
o Endogenous is the internal control, we decided on what we want to pay attention to
- Overt VS. Covert
o Overt: we direct our eyes to what we are attending
o Covert: we do not direct our eyes to the things we are attending
- Automatic VS. Controlled
o Automatic: very little if any attention
o Controlled: requires a lot more attention
Explain the link between attention and consciousness, including inattentional blindness and change
- If we are not attentive, we stop being consciously aware of it. But can be brought back to attention
and become aware of it
- Change Blindness
o We are not noticing a change in something occurring (when there's a specific change)
o Replacing one with another (example from the gorilla video: curtain changed color and
three players became two players)
- Inattentional Blindness
o If we are not paying attention to it, we won't notice it
o The gorilla test --> did not realize the gorilla passing through
Explain the factors that can drive attention
- Attention is driven by stimulus saliency
o Motion, colour, brightness, contrast and orientation
Desrie Broadet’s ad Triesa’s filter theories of attetio
- Broadbent's Early Selection FIlter Model
o All the info are passed from sensory memory to attetnion
o Attention then filter out everything and only the attended messages passes through (passed
onto a detector)
- Triesman's Attenuation Model
o Attended signal is stronger than other stimuli after passing through the filter but...
Unattended stimuli may be more intense
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