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Emotion & Cognition
Paul Ekman
6 facial expressions are hardwired in every culture
Happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust & anger
We have a negative emotional system
Capilano Bridge Study
Shows misattribution of arousal
Way more guys crossing the scary bridge call her back than the
low bridge. More risk-taking guys are crossing the scary bridge,
more likely to call the women. Guys crossing the scary bridge
are physiologically aroused – heightens the attractiveness of the
woman (guys find her more attractive)
Falling In Love
Physiologically aroused (dancing, music, sex, parties...ect)
Are you really in love or physiologically aroused because of your
environment and arousals?
Emotion & Cognition Are Interwoven
People are emotional beings, not rational
We believe we have to convince people through rational
argument, but in fact, we need to talk to their hearts and emotions
Central (minds) vs. peripheral (emotional processes) persuasion
Consciousness unfolds through systems, that are built on other
Social pain: we evolved pain systems (social rejection). You are
actually feeling physical pain
“War on terror” activates certain words associated with the word
“war” (fear, obedience, patriotism…ect)
Understand underlying emotional metaphors (abortion is related
to corporate taxes?)
The winner of a debate is best able to activate emotional
Fluency Effects
Norbert Schwarz
People are trying to think logically but their being affected by
their emotional cues
Difficulty -> negative emotion -> skepticism = less persuasive
Are you a tapper or a listener?
Be An Effective Communicator
1. Simple
2. Emotional
3. Concrete
4. Vivid stories
Broad & Build Model
Negative emotions narrow
Positive emotions broaden
Negative emotions are good for danger
Positive emotions chill us out
Proposed by Frederickson
Study: premeasure resilience (how do you handle stress?), bring
person into lab and have them prepare a speech and present it in
front of a video camera
Resilience -> positive emotions -> quicker return to physiological
How To Deal With Negative Emotions
Suppression and rumination (thinking way out) don’t work
Do something about the situation
Distract yourself from your problems (redirecting your attention)
Cognitive reframing (changing your interpretation, “does it really