PSY270H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Temporal Lobe, Frontal Lobe, Grandmother Cell

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12 Sep 2012
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PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
PSY270H1 Full Course Notes
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+ ventral stream travels to the temporal lobe. + dorsal stream goes to the parietal lobe. To recognize an object, we have to have representations of it in multiple different frames. Depends on the viewpoint that we"ve seen it angles. Can call upon the template to recognize the object. When looking at an object look at the geons that make it up. See the geons and recognize the object at this angle, etc. See a object and brain activity occurs few seconds later, see it again and have less brain activity relative to the first time idea of repetition suppression activity. + task: show people objects with same orientation or different orientation shows different parts of brain that shows sensitivity. New object emits high brain activity, but same view and same object in a different view has lower brain activity invariant. + each hemisphere processes information in slightly different ways. Representing complex objects at the neural level: