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Lecture 6

PSY290H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Overproduction, Synaptogenesis, Roger Wolcott Sperry

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Development of the Brain
We are more than a product of our genes
Rainbow CC (Copy Cat)
Development is an ongoing process, through adolescence and maybe even adult hood.
(The nervous system is ‘plastic’)
Prenatal Brain Development
1 cell
200 Cell Types
37 trillion Cells…in only 8 weeks
Phases of prenatal Development
Consists of 3 layers
of cells: endoderm,
mesoderm, and
Development of Nervous System Can Be Divided
Into Six Distinct Stages
Rows The most lateral row gives rise The fate of to sensory neurons.
The middle row gives rise to interneurons.
The medial row gives rise to primary motor neurons.
1. Induction of the neural plate Unfolded neural tube
2. Migration
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