Lecture 4-Temperament and Emotional Development Sept 29

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16 Aug 2010
PSY311: Lecture #4
Temperament & Emotional Development
Sept, 29th, 2008
Introduction to emotions
๎€ heart rate
๎€ galvanic skin response
๎€ goal is to get close to stimuli that bring about positive emotions
๎€ discrete emotions theory
๎€ specific emotions as being biologically programmed
๎€ accompanied by a distinct set of bodily and facial cues
๎€ see emotions early in life
๎€ emotions are evolutionary adaptive (comes mainly from Darwin)
๎€ ie. infant crying will lead to infant being taken care of via food, comfort etc.
๎€ happiness, sadness, anger, fright
๎€ functionalist approach to emotional development
๎€ emotions are goal related
๎€ our emotions help us achieve a goal
๎€ do not believe emotions are present at birth, but are learned
๎€ learned through social experiences
๎€ parents guide and teach
Development of Emotions
๎€ basic emotions
๎€ develop early in life (infants around 2month)
๎€ thought to be innate
๎€ social smile
๎€ interaction (smile) with caregiver
๎€ reciprocated by the caregiver and reinforces the smile
๎€ fear
๎€ 6 month
๎€ stranger anxiety
๎€ fearful response to stranger
๎€ separation anxiety
๎€ infant is separated from primary caregiver
๎€ anger and sadness from negative stimuli/frustration
๎€ ie. still face procedure
- complex emotions
๎€ emotions relating to self (self-conscious)
๎€ if parent emphasis the negative more often, the child will feel more ashamed and embarrassed
๎€ on the other hand if parent emphasis the positive more often, then the child will feel more pride
in their accomplishments and relatively less embarrassment and shame when they do something
๎€ as kids gets older they will internalize other ppl's reactions so they will feel the feeling even if
the parent / others is not around when they do some activity that elicit a specific emotion
๎€ as kids gets older they will be able to experience positive and negative emotions at the same
๎€ during adolescence, hormonal levels influence the emotional
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