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Lecture 6

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Alison Luby

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We want to be 1) autonomous (decide when to do
things), 2) competent (do things well) and 3) belong.
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Rewarding increases a behavior and punishment
decreases a behavior.
When you deviate from the norm: social
rejection/ostracize out of group, people make you act
like the norm, isolate them (cut them off but can be
unintentional), indirect punishment (talking behind
their back), demonize the person (one bad trait means
they have many bad traits).
Slide 3
Asch line: have to say which line is longer/shorter
and group says wrong answer, do you agree with them or
say the right answer. After being ostracized people
usually say what the group says.
Slide 8
Atypical female beating men at football game and
atypical male beating women at children’s development
Slide 18
Blacks have disidentified whereas whites are happy
when they do well and sad when they do poorly.
Slide 52
People like benevolent females, not when they act
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