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Lecture 3

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Dan Dolderman

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PSY336 Positive Psychology
Lecture #3
January 26, 2011
Goals + short term have no relation to long-term wellbeing
Affective forecasting predicting future emotional state
In lab, cold emotional state
oImagine being drunk and being depressed
oSad people think they’ll be sad forever
The effects of significant effects wear off they go back their baseline
oSTRONG adaptive system
oExceptions: prolonged helping of family member who has degenerative disease; you dont go back to
baseline right away
If we know that obsessively following money is bad, why do we pattern our beliefs?
oWhy is delayed gratification so hard?
oPeople believe that people are awesome then also believe that people are greedy
Believing the best of human nature vs. people are lazy and selfish
How do we motivate employees?
oToken is for children; punishment to children
oCorporations are just like parents with children, just a little more complex
Rewards and punishments because we dont have faith in human nature
oWe’re sheeple, needsugar” and guidance; not very optimistic view of human nature
oMost of the time people areuseless”
oCorruption is everywhere!
oMotivation works! (behaviourist view)
oIncentives don’t always work; STRONG incentives backfire (don’t work too well)
Motivation: short vs. long-term
oTools: incentives/penalties vs.deeper things”
work well in short term
task person doesn’t want to do = increase reward/punishment
deeper things”:
Internal, feelings
Positive emotions
oManagement science: assumes people are sheeple
Counterproductive when you try to motivate with carrots and sticks
Small city in India
Prior award
Measured: motor skills, creativity, memory
o2 days pay
o2 weeks pay
o5 months pay
Assumption: increased reward = increased performance (should be trying hard)
o2 medium pays = no difference
o5 months pay = less able to find inner fire
Reward = you get less out of them
oExtrinsic motivation decreases performance
oCandle/box task:
$20 for first task vs. no pay
Reward = - 25%
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