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Lecture 4

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Dan Dolderman

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PSY336 โ€“ Positive Psychology
Lecture #4
February 2, 2011
โ€ขFunctional value of storm reports:
oBetter preparation for situation
oDefocuses you from your other issues โ€“ sense of control
โ€ขCost of storm reports:
oAmount of time worrying = waste of time
oCognitive load
oNegative emotions (stress episode) = arousing functions (capturing focus)
๎€Narrowing/focusing attention, behaviour, motivation ๎€‚ creativity suffers
๎€Preparing for emergency
๎€Costs: wellbeing, cognitive load, problemsolving
โ€ขCandy: +ve emotion
oMore creative, open, flexible with world
oCandle box task:
๎€+ve = promote creative problem solving
โ€ขIncrease working memory and short term memory
๎€-ve = cautious, anxious, rigid in categorization
๎€Funny film clip = arousal, funny ๎€‚58% solve
๎€Neutral film clip ๎€‚ 11%
๎€No film ๎€‚ 16%
๎€Negative ๎€ƒ clip ๎€‚ 30% (arousal function maybe)
๎€Exercise ๎€‚ 26%
โ€ขPositive emotions (functional payoff) = increases performance (invisible forces)
โ€ขEmotions ๎€‚ play ๎€‚ self-develop (build) *pay off
oPeopleโ€™s bodies +ve thoughts
oNarrows ๎€‚ -ve emotional
oPlay โ€“ physical capabilities โ€“ increase
๎€Conflict resolution
๎€Rules + learning
oVideo games = training you with failure
๎€Enjoying process
๎€Actually worked!
oPeople have to try hard:
๎€Intense concentration etc. but donโ€™t care who wins
โ€ขIntrinsic motivations:
oTakes away +ve emotions
โ€ขExtrinsic motivations:
oNo +ve emotional side effecs
oExternal goal in activity
oEmotional attachment to task = nonexistent
oTask โ‰  play
oTask = work
โ€ขMetal can company:
oStopped calling workers employees but called them inventors
oChanged labels
oChanged ID of corporation
oSuggestion box
oEach worker has a specific space
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