PSY336H1 Lecture 7: Lecture 7

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18 Jul 2011

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mr. p totally torn www. notesolution. com: 330v mr. p not cool with it pleads with experimenter to check on learner, 450v xxx glad he"s done the experiment, mr. p continues to obey, debriefing session: mr. p unhappy + distressed + defeated man. How do you feel? grim face (beaten man) the experimenter, not me! (doesn"t say he"s responsible) mr p doesn"t realize he"s the one that pressed the buttons (he knows he pressed the buttons very well) asked is there anything mr. wallace could have said to make you stop? . Mr. p doesn"t get it repeats question then answers, no, he didn"t say anything about making me stop . dises people that don"t own moral agency: he"s killed this guy but he can"t accept his own darkness (another moral dilemma) No: he doesn"t take responsibility, he doesn"t realize he failed.