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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Dan Dolderman

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PSY336 Positive Psychology
Lecture #9
March 23, 2011
The experience of snowfall is interpreted by us differently
Wisdom importance of getting self out of the way
Grandpa Simpson saying = meaningless until you go back in time
Attunement take larger perspective
Aware of circumstance important
Open vs. closed
oNeither is the “right way to be (not wise)
oIts bad to be too open or too closed
oThe answer: depends context larger sense of circumstances
oDynamic interchange between person + circumstance
Team in mind
oIf not working together (ego, disagreement)
oDuring battle, bomber team = completely in tune
oIn crisis, individuality can drop away
oSaint: every single moment = moment of crisis
Unpleasant experience extend them in time emotions (intuitive state)
oTherefore, cognitively stabilize emotions
oTurn self into movie
oBodies (how we carry out emotions)
oWe are no saints or bombers
oSensitive awarenesses
oThe team is not attuned
oInner construction
Mindfulness = paying attention (bare heart of attention)
oDifficult to break through self
oAttitude (bare attention)
oPresent moment
oBare attention (can only exist RIGHT NOW)
Take away past and future
How can you have time for frustration, anxiety, worry, fear?
Involves so much of your consciousness
Mindfulness as an attentional exercise (returning to present state)
Mindfulness profoundly healing in everything
Stress reduction:
Mindfulness based workshop
Hedonic happiness = experience becomes richer (most) engaged
oWe have an internal knob
oRAISIN noticed things a lot more
Taste = significantly better
Stretch out moment of sensory experience
oContent level of thoughts
oReframing/restructuring; practice a different way of being/Western bias
oPay attention to love
oOpenness fundamentally positive approach
oDecentering of emotions
oWe get shot with 2 arrows; 1st by someone you could be wiser/less self-destructive. 2nd by
yourself ultimately you control the amount of pain caused
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