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Lecture 6

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Dan Dolderman

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Lecture 6 – Trauma and Awe
- Multiple choice test will be different, not recognition
- No names
- Understand conceptually, no details
- Almost hit by lightning
oOne person was terrified
oOther person went into state of shock, didn’t even realize it happened
- Awe – two characteristics
oVastness – something thats significantly from frame of reference of everyday
Physical size
Intellectual size – theory of evolution
Powers of ten – disconcerting when scales switch
The meaning of events depends on level of scale
oAccommodation – Piagets explanation, facts come along that you can’t
reconcile in normal frame of reference
Changes the way you think
Break apart schema/meaning system, complexify and build a new one
- Norma frame of reference = self concept (goals, identity, relationships emotions,
- Environmental workshop
oSkills of traditional hunting and vision – pick up on tiny signals of movement
oWoman standing with cigarette, in awe by being able to see individual rain
- You can cultivate awe
- Flow state vs. awe state – similar unification of consciousness
oFlow – completely unified and harmonicized consciousness, dramatically
enhances quality of experience
oAwe – focus attention completely on amazing thing
Often very terrifying
- Sex therapy technique
oSensate focusing – focus on senses
People contaminate with judgments, thoughts, emotions, expectations
Not actually in the experience
- Awe experiences are extreme
oPerson can turn around and look at normal frame at reference
oSee things differently
- Top five regrets of not dying
oDying is beyond normal frame of reference
oCourage to live a life true to myself, not life others expected of me –
autonomy, SDT
oWish I hadn’t worked so hard – didn’t pursue interests or hobbies
oSpend more time with family
oCourage to express my feelings – autonomy
oStayed in touch with my friends
oI wish I let myself be happier
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