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PSY424H1 Lecture Notes - Role Theory, Averageness, Physical Attractiveness

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Relationships psychology- Lecture 2, Jan 16th
passion is a highly emotional charged state, very intentional engergized state
attribute that arousal to whom you are falling in love with
if interviewed after bridge – much more likely to call then if interviewed before getting off the
passion has a drug addictive component, literal physical rush
early relationship stages, ppl idealize their partners
ppl in love were able to list faults
ppl don't factor faults when feelings of passion are involved
there is a reckoning made, faults dont blind individuals forever
far eastern culture, passionate love has a very ambiolent feel to it
little research on chemistry in social psychology
very mysterious feel, inexplicable, natural
leblum and bresnyak, 2006 wrote a papaer on it
people feel a lack of control over the love process
suggesting that following out of love can be controlled but falling into love can not be
subjective – unique set of characteristc for what is it that leads to the emergence of chemistry
what leads to attraction
situational factors
--> geographic proximity, those who you see often
--> familiarity, research shows that the more exposure ppl had to women, the higher degree of
attraction is much more likely when there is similarity
in the first stages of attraction, its more about objective similarity, later on in the realtionship it
is more about perceived similarity
humour and complimentarity
if women make self effacing jokes, are not rated more attactive, men h/e who did this, were
rated more attractive
both men and women value a good sense of humor but in different ways
What leads to attraction
symmetry and averageness is a sign of good genetic qualities and healthier development
situational predictors of physical attractiveness
red is shown to be associated with more attractiveness judgements, and this is only whem men
are judging women's attractiveness
Gender-specific features
women who have more of a baby face are considered more attractive, and combined with
mature features
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