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PSY426H1 Lecture Notes - Ego Depletion, Anagram, Dependent And Independent Variables

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Jason Plaks

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Baumeister, et al (part 2)
Ego depeletion
the notion that volition depends on the self's expenditure of some limited resources
theory – the self has limited resourses for actis of voliton
active choice (as opposed to passive
controlled (opposed to automatic
initiation of beh vs. (not
Experiment 1
ego depletion and self control – self control took effort i.e resisting temptation
those who showd self control (by not eating the chocolate) and instead eating the radishes
persisted less on the puzzles therefore supports hypotheses
Experiment 2
acts of choice take up the same limited resoucese as acts of self control
those in high choice condtion persisted less on diffictu tst – in both the high choice pro
attiduinal beh and anti attitudinal
Experiment 3
experiment 3 takes aleternative view – the suggestion here is that it is adaptive to up early on
unsolvable problems b/c it would be a waste of time and energy otherwise
for this study to argue that ego depletion has a negative effect, it was neccesary to show some
decline in tast performance
this study was designed to show that ego depletion can impair performance on solvable tasks
because ego deplection controlling emtions this study some particitpatnts were asked to watch
an emotionally evocative video and stifle any emotional reaction they might have
participants were placed into one of 2 conditions
1. suppress emotion conditon – participants were instructed to not show or feel any emotions
when watching the movie and were told they'd be videotaped
2. no regulation condition – participant were instructed to let their emotions show while
watching the movie , also told they'd be videotaped
half of the participants in each condition saw a funny video, the other half in each condition saw
a sad video
after the video asked to help the instructer collect prelimanry data for future reaseah by
completing an anagram task where they had to unscramble 13 sets of letters
manipulation check
a final questionare was given were participant were asked to rate how effortful it was to comply
with the instructed
- participants in the suppress emotion condition said it was more effortful as well as to do so
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