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PSY427H1 Lecture Notes - Rela, Hyperreality, Canadian Content

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Romin Tafarodi

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Media Lecture - March 20th
Last Week
*people of this age texting constantly - not about the information transmitted - cultural
act to solicit a response from another human being saying “yeah, youre Ok, I agree”- not
abount gaining info - its about mirroring back your position in an ambiguous world -
need corroboration - constantly convincing ourselves were ok
*The need to cling to something real no matter how sufficient our simulations of reality
are are - the age of simulation has ushered in a hyper-reality but also a frantic produc-
tion of the real - simulation works for us on 2 fronts: it produces worlds for us to occupy
and live through culturally and provides a marker or trace of what is real - want to see a
point that helps us make sense of what the simulation is
*Jean Baudrillard Quote - talks about an empire, and the photographers are asked to
make a perfect map of the territory - perfect map of the territory is the territory (1 to 1
scale) - this fable is telling us that simulation has its limits - we no longer have map and
territory in a real sense - have a map, a virtual abstraction of a teritory - simulation
* whats in jeopardy is not the believability of the simulations we are producing - whats
in question is its representation of something real - there is a hunger and desire for
something real
* human nature - can it become the real thing we are looking for?
* any sort technological advance brings with it its own distinctive/psychological/social
challenges and there are also new opportunities - there are both risks and opportunities
in virtual culture
* tension and friction online - with pple who are trying to keep technology open and ac-
cessible and people who are trying to control the communication
This week - Culture
*what is culture?
*Two people talking on the phone - everything about that situation is cultural
*The idea of raising, growing and engineering something deliberately (culture some-
thing) - shift to a new view “high” culture, refering to the parts of a society that we are
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